One of our next activities for EVEN members is an roundtable with European Commission and other EVEN members (companies and NGOs), next June, the 10th in Brussels.

The event will be a dialogue between different actors interested and experienced in employee volunteering projects on two specific themes. If you have examples of EV projects in relation to these themes we would be delighted to hear about them in the meeting. If you do not have examples you are also very welcome to attend and learn from the examples shared by others. The roundtable will focus on:

– Supporting young people through EV – What are the connections? How can companies support them. Sharing examples. What are the challenges? Possible responses from the EC.

– How CSR and employee volunteering can contribute to reducing unemployment in young people.

EVEN members will share their experience about how they support young people through EV.

We are pleased to have the participation of Ms Susan Bird (DG EMPL) and Ms Florenzia Van Houdt (DG EAC) each of them working in the EC on one of the themes we will cover. Part of the Roundtable will also be dedicated to hearing what are the EC priorities and actions in these fields and how they see the possible synergies with EV initiatives and in particular the examples we will share.


1. How can companies support the most vulnerable in our societies through EV?

2. What are the connections between the Social Investment Package and what EV has to offer?

3. Are there vulnerable groups that are particularly receptive to the solutions that EV can offer?


1. What are the challenges and opportunities for increasing youth employability through EV?

2. How can the for profit sector work with the Youth in Action Programme to reduce youth unemployment?

3. How can CSR and EV contribute to reducing youth unemployment?


It would be great if you or somebody from your organization could be with us next June in Brussels, but we need a confirmation as soon as possible. I’m totally available to explain whatever you need about EVEN and about the meeting.


Juan Poyatos
Senior Consultant
CEV Employee Volunteering rete europea, ANCHE
Centro Europeo del Volontariato (CEV)
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